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What is an adaptogen?

What is a superherb?

What is a supermushroom?

Is it ok to mix different dusts, proteins and pantry items together?

Are your products organic?

Are your products vegan?

Are any of your ingredients clinically tested?

Do you offer samples?


What's the best way and time to take my SuperYou®?

How is SuperYou® different from the Moon Dusts?

What are the SuperYou® capsules made out of?

Why did the SuperYou® capsule size change?

How soon should I expect to feel the effects of SuperYou®?

Can I take SuperYou® if I'm already incorporating the Moon Dusts into my daily routine? 

Is SuperYou® addictive? 

Does SuperYou® expire?


How is SuperHair® different from other hair supplements?

Is it best to take in the AM or PM?

How long does it take to work?

Can I take SuperHair® with SuperYou®?

Should I also take my multivitamin?

How is SuperHair® tested?

Is it vegan?


What are the actives in Magnesi-Om?

Why is bioavailability important?

What does it taste like and what makes it pink?

When will I feel the effects?

How do I take Magnesi-Om?


What kind of mushrooms specifically do you use in your skincare products?

What is the pH of Milk Cleanse?

Does Milk Cleanse take makeup off?

Is Acid Potion safe for acne prone skin?

Does Acid Potion increase photosensitivity?

Is Acid Potion OK to use with a Retin-A treatment for acne?

Is Plump Jelly safe for acne prone skin?

I have oily skin, will Cosmic Cream make me break out?

I have blemish prone skin, will Milk Cleanse and Cosmic Cream work for me?

What order should I use these products in my daily skincare routine?

What do you use as preservatives?

Is your skincare made in a nut-free facility?

Is your skincare cruelty free?

Can Collagen Protect be used in hot drinks?

Moon Dust

What is Moon Dust?

How are Moon Dust ingredients sourced?

How are Moon Dust blends formulated?

How are the plants Moon Juice uses extracted and tested?

How frequently should I Dust?

How quickly should I expect to see results from Moon Dust?

Can I overdo the Dust?

What are the best ways to incorporate Moon Dust into my daily routine?

Are Moon Dusts safe if I have a medical condition?

Are Moon Dusts safe for children?

Are Moon Dusts safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Do Moon Dusts harden in transit or over time?

What differentiates Moon Dusts from other herbal products on the market?

When do Moon Dusts expire?

Are Moon Dust jars filled to the top?

Are Moon Dusts permitted on planes?

Are Moon Dust jars reusable?

Why doesn't my Moon Dust completely dissolve?

Do all of the Moon Dusts contain adaptogens?

Can I mix different Moon Dusts together? 

Are the Moon Dusts vegan?

Moon Family Rewards

I placed an order a few months ago, where are my points?

How do I combine my Moon Juice shop points with my points?

I just made a purchase, where are my points?


Can I sell your products on my own website or in my own shop?

Can I have Moon Juice at my upcoming event?

Will Moon Juice donate to my charitable cause?