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Gluten-Free, Raw & Activated Mulberry Overnight Oats

The creaminess of these oats comes from the minerals and fibers teased out by soaking them overnight in nut or seed milk. Scattered surprises of pillowy mulberries, cozy spiced pumpkin seeds, and coconut make this the perfect way to supercharge your day.

Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free | Non GMO

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Combine 1 part dry mix with 2 parts nut or seed milk of your choice. Let sit in refrigerator 4+ hours or overnight. Add more liquid for a looser porridge or eat a la minute as a muesli.

Activated oats°, maple syrup°, coconut°, pumpkin seeds°, mulberries°, activated chia seeds°, cinnamon°, pink salt°, nutmeg°


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